• Fireborns 4k 3D
  • Fireborns 4k 3D

In a mysterious and enchanting world, three kingdoms coexisted: the underworld, the realm of nature beings, and the human realm. Each of these kingdoms was populated by characters endowed with powers of fire, creating a fragile yet powerful balance.


In the underworld, demons reigned as masters. Their bodies burned with eternal fire, granting them immeasurable strength. They used their power of fire to forge formidable weapons and incinerate their enemies. The undead, too, moved through the darkness with their inner flame. Their charred skin evoked the fury of flames, and their touch was scorching, capable of consuming everything in its path.


In the realm of nature beings, Djinns manifested themselves as whirlwinds of flames. Their powers were closely tied to the elemental forces of fire. They could summon storms of fire, create spectacular explosions, and control fires with uncanny precision. The fire elementals, on the other hand, were living creatures of pure blazing energy. Their presence warmed the atmosphere, and they were capable of projecting devastating fireballs.


Within the human realm, some individuals were born with the gift of fire. They were the heirs of an ancestral lineage of pyromancers and mastered flames with exceptional skill. Their hands became incandescent when they invoked their power, unleashing destructive fire jets or creating shields of protective heat. They used their gift to defend their kingdom and protect the innocent from the dark forces that threatened peace.


Despite their differences, these various characters shared a deep connection with fire. They understood its destructive power, but also its ability to purify, warm, and bring light. Each, in their own way, used their power of fire to shape their world and preserve the balance between the kingdoms. !




This collection consists of 400 unique NFTs, each featuring 4K 3D images generated by artificial intelligence.

The Polygon blockchain has been chosen to mint the NFTs.

The launch of this collection will begin with an airdrop on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Ranking Score :


This one-of-a-kind collection brings together a wide range of characters. Each NFT encompasses up to 10 properties and incorporates an evaluation system that indicates the rarity of each character, delighting both collectors and investors alike.

The ranking is a measure used to determine the rarity of an NFT. It is represented by an index score ranging from 0 to 100. Naturally, the higher the score of an NFT, the rarer it is.


Score 50-60 57 NFTs 14,25 %
Score 60-70 209 NFTs 52,25 %
Score 70-80 107 NFTs 26,75 %
Score 80-85 19 NFTs 4,75 %
Score 85-90 6 NFTs 1,5 %
Score 90-95 1 NFT 0,25 %
Score 95-100 1 NFT 0,25 %

This collection showcases powerful characters residing in a realm where the magic of fire dwells within each inhabitant. No additional NFTs will be included in this collection. However, it will serve as a foundation for the creation of future collections inspired by this unique universe. As both collectors and investors, we share a common goal: to enhance the allure of this flamboyant world.


Video presentation of the Fireborns NFT collection





Winners have the opportunity to receive NFTs from the collection for free. If you also want to take advantage of these opportunities, follow us on Twitter.




The minting phase of the Gemys Collection is starting and will unfold in multiple stages. The initial stage, the most lucrative opportunity, allows you to mint the first 50 NFTs from the collection for a mere 10 Matics. We invite you to take advantage of this introductory price and invest in this unparalleled collection.


The Gemys collection NFT minting is divided into several phases:


– The initial 50 NFTs are available for minting at a price of 10 Matic.
– The second minting phase will offer an additional 50 NFTs for minting at a price of 20 Matic.
– The third minting phase will make another 50 NFTs available for minting at a price of 30 Matic.
– The fourth minting phase will provide another 50 NFTs for minting at a price of 50 Matic.
– The fifth minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 70 Matic.

– The sixth minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 100 Matic.

– The seventh minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 150 Matic.
– Finally, the last minting phase will offer the remaining NFTs for minting at a price of 200 Matic.


In total, the collection will consist of 400 unique NFTs.


Join the project now to take advantage of potential significant gains. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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