• Egyptian mythology 4k
  • Egyptian mythology 4k
  • Egyptian mythology 4k

In our contemporary world, the Egyptian deities return, awakened by centuries of forgetfulness and denial caused by the rise of beliefs in a single God. Osiris, Anubis, Sekhmet, Isis, Horus, Sobek, Bastet, and Nefertiti manifest once again, determined to restore their influence and remind humans of their sacred heritage.


Modernized by futuristic technologies, the Egyptian deities come back to our contemporary world with renewed strength, appearing in enhanced forms that blend the ancient and the modern, embodying the power and wisdom of ancient times.


Osiris, the god of rebirth, utilizes technological advancements to restore life in both humans and devastated ecosystems. Anubis, the guardian of the dead, harnesses artificial intelligence and virtual reality to guide souls to the afterlife. Sekhmet, the goddess of war, combines her legendary ferocity with cybernetic armors and advanced energy weapons to protect the innocent.


Isis, the goddess of magic and wisdom, employs neural interfaces to access limitless knowledge and solve the most complex problems in our society. Horus, the celestial falcon, integrates bionic prosthetics and advanced surveillance systems to uphold justice and truth. Sobek, the crocodile god, connects to intelligent networks to preserve ecosystem balance and prevent natural disasters.


Bastet, the goddess of felines, merges with artificial life forms to defend nature and combat animal abuse. Nefertiti, the legendary queen, combines grace and technology, employing holograms and augmented reality interfaces to inspire the masses and propagate the beauty of Egyptian art.


Together, these futuristic deities form a reinvented pantheon, ready to challenge established beliefs and awaken dormant spirits. Their mission is to remind humans of the ancestral values of wisdom, compassion, and respect for nature and all forms of life.





Welcome to our series of images showcasing the captivating world of Egyptian mythology. Journey through the ancient pantheon and discover the gods and goddesses that have enchanted generations. In this NFT collection, we bring to life the divine figures of Bastet, Anubis, Horus, Sekhmet, Sobek, Nefertiti, Osiris, and Isis, each depicted in exquisite detail and brought into the realm of imagination through stunning visuals.


All our NFTs are in 4K 3D. You can acquire them in the form of a mart contract, ensuring that you possess the sole copy of that NFT. Each image is unique, guaranteeing the ownership of an exclusive piece. This offers a significant advantage for obtaining the rights to a one-of-a-kind image for personal use or speculating on its resale value.